The General Assembly shall consist of active members, associated members  and observer members . It is local and territorial authorities , technical directions of national administrations or environmental organizations , public or private operators, associations, NGOs, research centers/training and individual members.

IME Organisation

The Board of Directors consists of 3 colleges with each 12 members :

  • college of Local Authorities 
  • college of Private and Public Institutions (Professional Services )
  • college of Experts

Composition of the BoD approved by the General Assembly of July 2019.

The Bureau  of the Board of Directors is composed of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Alain Meyssonnier and  Vice -Presidents:

  • Mr. Claude Barral, Vice-President of the Conseil Départemental de l’Hérault
  • Mr. Mohamed Ridha Dhaoui, Honorary Member
  • Mr. Abderrahim El Hafidi, General Director of the National Office for Electricity and  Drinking Water, Morocco
  • Mr. Adelmajig Bettaieb, CEO of National Office for Sanitation, Tunisia

Supported by a General Treasurer: Mr. Franck Sanfilippo and a Deputy Treasurer : Mrs. Raoudha Gafrej


It is composed of :

Executive Director
Hachmi Kennou
Project Management Officer
Malika Roussel
Executive Assistant
Ida Nguyen