The World Bank Portfolio in Tunisia includes the financing of the rehabilitation and expansion of several wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) throughout the country, as well as the planned financing of the rehabilitation of several irrigation perimeters. Through this engagement, the Government of Tunisia requested technical assistance to develop the ToRs for a National RTW Masterplan, which should guide future policies and investments in RTW.

In this perspective, The World Bank requested IME to carry out in 2017 a mission of support for the preparation of the RTW MasterPlan  in various fields (irrigation, industries, tourism, groundwater recharge, etc.) in dialogue with the General Directorate of Rural Engineering and Water Operations (DGGREE) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fishing and the National Office of Sanitation ( ONAS).

This consultation mission consisted in organizing a series of events to inform and to raise awareness on reuse of treated wastewater through three activities:

  • A national conference on the RTW in Tunisia (19 Sept. 2017) to define the principles of a tangible evolution of the implementation of directives and action plans to optimize the use to RTW which will be developed in the national plan.
  • Three site visits to National RTW operations for GDAs and farmers to existing irrigation perimeters where RTW is currently ongoing and is sufficiently developed to facilitate exchange of experiences. These visits were organized in three places: Hammamet on 11/07/17, Monastir on 13/07/17 and Gafsa on 20/07/17.
  • Two study tours for a Tunisian delegation (10 people) – with the support of IME focal points on sites of REUT with agricultural, tourist, urban, ecological, industrial uses, etc. The first study tour was organized in Murcia (Spain) in association with the Government of Murcia, Junta Central of Usuarios de Regantes de la Comunidad de Murcia and ESAMUR from 4-7 July 2017. The second was held in Amman (Jordan) with the supportof the network AWWEENA from 11 -16 September 2017)