Having light structures, the strength of IME is the one of its members and their mobilization, so, its activity was intense every time the will of the members was strong and it is a permanent point of connection spreading the relevant and useful information through its members. IME is organized of listening and the watch, it participates in all regional and international events and holds its members informed about the evolutions of the sector.



From part its function of exchange of know how, IME brings an answer to “how can it be done ?” that settle all those who, in the field of water, have to cross intentions / recommendations in the implementations.
IME, in its quality of International Non-governmental organization, is a member of international bodies such as Global Water Partnership ( GWP) and World Water Council (WWC). Within the framework of the GWP-Med, IME contributed to the implementation of water stakeholders’ networks such as the Mediterranean Network of the Basin Organisations (MENBO in 2002) and the Euro Mediterranean Community of Irrigants (EIC in 2002). It participated in actively in all the world water forums since 2000 through the coordination of the Mediterranean regional process in piloting thematic sessions around issues and challenges considered priority for the region.

In 30 years of activities, IME was able to identify specific issues with the water management in the Mediterranean for a consideration by international organizations with the aim of their solving and a recognition of the region Mediterranean as the geographical entity.

Actions carried out often adopted the major principles of management which are at present recognized as sustainable and positive worldwide; IME was the interface for the Mediterranean region of great international development programs (World Bank, European Union, Global Water Partnership) and one of the privileged technical interlocutors of the ministerial conferences.

In a region on the limits of the hydric stress in its southern part and living a permanent threat  regarding pollution in its north part with drought frequent cycles, the objective is to share  experiences, to exchange expertises and to think together about  adapated solutions for a better use of water.

During these last thirty years, IME has to contribute to advance the cause of water through the implementation of regional thematic studies, the organization of regional workshops and the participation in regional and international events in relation with of its activity area: from the mobilization of water resources to the themes of the urban water.

Main thematic regional studies carried out

  • Institutional pratices for waste water management in the Mediterranean countries: Egypt, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey (1994)
  • Cobnsumer’s water savings (2001)
  • Water and Agriculture (2004)
  • Contribution of the regional and local authorities to the Mediterranean Water Strategy of the Union for the Mediterranean  (2009)
  • Euro Mediterranean Programme for a local water management – MEDA Water (2010)
  • Regional networks contribution to Mediterranean Water Strategy of the Union for the Mediterranean (2010)
  • Water and Governance in the Mediterranean (2012)


Main Events organized by IME

  • Symposium on Water Demand Management (1992)
  • Regional Workshop on Water transport  (1996)
  • Mediterranean day of the 2nd World Water Forum, the Hague (2000)
  • International Symposium on Risks related to water in the major Mediterranean cities (2002)
  • Regional Workshop on Dams in the Mediterranean (2005)
  • Regional Conferences of MEDA Water Programmes Partners on local water management (2007-2008)
  • Mediterranean Session of the 5th World Water Forum, Istanbul (2009)
  • Regional Workshop on Management of Mediterranean Lagoons: Issues of telluric water inflows
  • Regional Workshop on Management of Sediments in Mediterranean Dams (2010)
  • 1st Mediterranean Water Forum (2011)
  • Mediterranean Process for the 6th World Water Forum, Marseille (2012)
  • Regional Symposium on Water and Energy (2013)
  • Regional workshop on Great water transfers in the Mediterranean (2013)
  • 2nd Mediterranean Water Forum (2014)
  • Workshop on Dams security (2015)
  • Mediterranean Process for the 7th World Water Forum, South Korea (2015)
  • Water workshop at the MEDCOP21 (2015)


Main participations in regional and international events

  • CNUED, Rio (1992)
  • International Conference on Water and Environment (Dublin, 1992)
  • Agenda Med 21 (Tunis, 1994)
  • Euro Med Minsterial Conference on Water in Turin (1999) in Jordan (2009) in Spaine (2010)
  • World Water Forums (1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015)
  • MED EUWI Water Stakeholders Forum Annual Meetings (since 2003)
  • International conference on Water and Energy (2014)
  • 1st Ministerial Conference on 5+5 Dialogue (2015)


The Institute thus has, in the field of water, of an expertise on which it can capitalize to build an action plan and create the conditions of its development.