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In 1982, 10 years before RIO , water had not yet been identified and recognized as a priority by international agencies and main development programs.
The founders of IME , water Mediterranean countries (public and private ) and local communities , whose mission was to meet the water needs of urban populations, by comparing them with daily management problems distributors were already aware thatwater would be a key issue for the development and security of the countries.
The problems they faced were then focused mainly on the mobilization of water resources, stressed by :

  • conditions of climate uncertainty ( recurrent droughts and floods)
  • technical problems (high cost of construction and quick siltation of dams, losses in distribution networks, no sanitation)
  • increased demand ( increasing urbanization , increased summer population , increasing competition between use sectors: industry, agriculture , population, education) with limited resources.

Even before the concept of integrated  water resources management are born in the late 90s, they were also aware that their local management issues were part of a larger problem .

The solutions could benefit many countries, but it required previously to identify and know the (geographical climatic , geological, cultural, institutional) factors common to all countries, and secondly to know the solutions already developed by some countries.

In 1982, in Rabat, during the Congress of African Water Suppliers and with the initiative of water managers eager to have a forum for regional and thematic consultations (then nonexistent) , based on the review and study of problems and practical solutions, IME was created.

Based in Marseille since its creation, IME plays a useful and important role in the development of inter -Mediterranean cooperation, particularly between water professionals and sanitation . IME is an international non -governmental organization in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 1993.

Institutional and professional NGOs, IME works as a network of reflection, study and exchange on key issues related to water, basic element for environment and sustainable development.

Its objective is the sharing of experiences, exchange of expertise and joint reflection on appropriate solutions for better use of water in a region at the edge of water stress in its southern part and living a permanent threat pollution in the northern part with frequent drought cycles .

IME is connected globally to other networks in order to drain all useful and interesting experience for the region and contribute to international experience. It was , therefore , a tool that has contributed to a better vision of the issue of water as it is currently on the agenda .

Its overall mission is to facilitate and initiate actions for regional cooperation in the field of water management and related services between institutions and public and private operators in the Mediterranean region . The IME must be an operational organization and a dynamic player for cooperation in the field of water in the Mediterranean basin . Through its network of experts, IME works for the promotion of knowledge , sharing of experiences, best practices and synergies in the service of optimal water management firmly inscribed in a sustainable development perspective .

its specific missions:

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  • Provide expert services , training and documentation meet the specific needs of its members;
  • Be a dynamic player in the cooperation in the field of water . To promote synergy between the various actors and support their initiatives;
  • Contribute to the reduction of poverty outreach of drinking water and sanitation for the urban and rural populations;
  • Promote better resource management and water demand ;
  • Supporting actions in the region to reform and strengthen public and private institutions of water management ;
  • Promote education and awareness of Mediterranean populations to issues of water management .
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To fulfill its mandate IME uses various levers including:

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  • Participate in the discussion on the major challenges in the Mediterranean ( access to water , necessary reform of the irrigated agriculture prevention against risks related to water , climate change, etc …) ;
  • Provide expert services , training and documentation meet the needs of its members, or anyone who would like to appeal to him ;
  • Promote better management of resources and applications , and support efforts to improve the governance of institutions in charge of the management ;
  • Support all relevant initiatives of regional cooperation in the field of water
  • Facilitate education and awareness of Mediterranean populations of the major challenges of sustainable water management taking into account environmental considerations
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