IME aims at promoting the development of the intermediterranean cooperation between the local authorities and the professionals (institutionals, experts, ...) working in water, sanitation, irrigation, energy and environment.

The dialogues concern prioritary issues related to water, specific in the Mediterranean which are in the international agenda such as the integrated water resources management, water demand management, protection of water resources, participative principles, water savings, tariffs, institutional aspects, emergency supply, …


Dynamic actor of the regional cooperation in water field, IME aims at developing synergy between stakeholders and support their initiatives. Its action concerns in: 

  • Increase its visibility with the professionals and with the civil society by participating in all the initiatives relative to water in the region;
  • take the opportunities of cooperation with the specialized international organizations and donors;
  • adopt a resolute approach of support and follow-up of the implementation of the Agenda 21, the Millennium Development Goals, the recommendations of the Summit of Johannesburg and the Mediterranean Strategy of Sustainable development;
  • Encourage the actions of partnership between the members of IME and the other stakeholders in charge of water as well as those introduced within the framework of the decentralized cooperation  between regions with a measure of autonomy;
  • organize meetings of senior officials and experts’ meetings on the subjects of interest shared for a more rational management of water in the region;