The Mediterranean Water Institute (IME) is an institutional and professional NGO fonctioning as a network of reflection, studies and exchanges on fundamental issues related to water, basic element for the environment and sustainable development.

Its mission is to facilitate and initiate regional cooperation actions on water resources management and associated services between public and private institutions and operators in the Mediterranean region. IME has to be a regional and operational structure and  dynamic actor for the cooperation in the water field in the Mediterranean basin.  IME is a network working at the promotion of know-how, sharing experience and synergies at the service of the optimal management of water resolutely dedicated to the sustainable development.

Key objectives established are presented below.

Key objective 1: Promoting sustainable actions for the protection of inland waters and water bodies under the provisions of the Millennium Declaration on access to water and sanitation and well-being.

Key objective 2: Facilitate dialogue on sustainable water management, taking into account environmental concerns among the countries bordering the Mediterranean (Northern, Southern, Eastern and Balkans).

Key objective 3: Develop and strengthen the environmental dimension in integrated water resources management (climate change, environmental impact studies, ….).

Main actions to achieve the key objectives :

 Action 1: Improve the institutional process of water governance through cooperation and reflection, taking into account its main water challenges and their inter-dependence with other subjects of general interest (planning, food safety, public health, energy …).

Action 2: Facilitate access to information and knowledge on environmental issues to foster Mediterranean awareness and culture on sustainable water management

Action 3: Continue efforts taking into account the environment and climate change concerns in water resources management