Join IME is to join a network of water stakeholders and exchange of experiences, expertise and best practices to facilitate and promote cooperation and foster cooperation in the Mediterranean region in the field of water and the environment.

Any application meets the criteria defined in the articles of association proposed by the Board after consideration for approval by the General Assembly. Applications for individual membership are examined on the basis of CV submitted by the applicant .

An annual fee is paid by each member of the organization according to its status.


The definition of members is given in the statutes (see page “Members “).

1- Active members (eligible for Board of Directors) :

* Bodies and Local Authorities of the Mediterranean Region : 10.800 euro

* Institutions responsible for water and sanitation services : 4 400 euro

* Individual: 61 euro

2- Associate Members (not eligible for Board of Directors) : 606 euro

You or your organization would like to become a member of the IME as :

 Public/private institution Associate (NGO, association,...) Individual

A call for contributions will be sent upon receipt of your completed form.

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