The COVID19 pandemic raises questions for the global water supply and sanitation sector with a particular focus on the Mediterranean region. Mediterranean region is already under pressure due to water scarcity due to climate crisis. This stress was exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis

In view of this exceptional situation, IME, platform for exchange and information serving its members and the Mediterranean water community in general, wanted to bring together the main water operators and experts in water and sanitation engineering, to discuss and reflect on ways to ensure continuity of services and on measures to be taken during and after the pandemic..

This Brainstorming session followed a 1st session that was held on 8th April 2020 with 22 participants, operators, members of IME and Partners of UfMs, from Algeria, France, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.

Under the aegis of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean, IME organised on 8 April a first brainstorming session in the form of a videoconference, taking into account the circumstances of confinement,  This session mobilized 22 participants, operators and experts, French-speaking members of IME from Algeria, France, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, who were able to exchange on the emergency interventions implemented in their country in terms of water in the face of the pandemic.

This initiative was inaugurated by the Secretary General of the Mediterranean Union, Mr Nasser Kamel and the President of the Mediterranean Water Institute, Mr Alain Meyssonnier.

IME and the Ufm General Secretariat wished to renew this experience by mobilising at a second conference some 30 participants representing Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Palestine, Spain and Turkey.

In view of the conclusions and recommendations of these first two fruitful sessions, a brainstorming will be launched with the IME experts, on 19 May to get their expert opinion and answer the questions asked by water and sanitation service managers regarding crisis and post-crisis management.

Conclusions of the sessions and the list of participants are available from the General Secretariat of IME.