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Strength of thinking and of concerted actions

Mediterranean network of experts to develop multilateral cooperation and multi-stakeholder meeting the challenges and priorities of the region.

International non-governmental organization with a special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.
With the diversity and expertise of its members, IME is a major player in the evolution of knowledge and behavior in the area of ​​water in the Mediterranean and in particular for the adoption of good management practices of water is part of a sustainable development perspective

IME includes all water stakeholders: local and regional authorities, corporate bodies, professionals (public and private) and individual experts.

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IME : the Mediterranean Water Institute

It is actively involved through regional mobilization to the cause of water in the Mediterranean by integrating a network of professionals and experts animated by a wish to exchange and cooperation to contribute to the promotion of modern management and responsible use of water in the region.Read More
→ Commitment of the Mediterranean water Stakeholders community through the organization of the Mediterranean Water Forum every 3 years for the preparation of the Mediterranean participation in the future World Water Forum

→ Development of a platform for exchange and water knowledge in the Mediterranean through the development of a regional framework on water (White Paper)
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